Global Aesthetics hosts an All-Star Faculty line-up of over 150 physicians and industry partners from all over the globe. Together, we continue to set the standard for multi-specialty education around the world.

Shino Bay Aguilera, DO, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dermatology
Kevin Alexander, Salt Lake City, UT, Industry
Allyson Avila, JD, Harrison, NY, Industry
Alan Bauman, MD, Boca Raton, FL, Plastic Surgery
Mark Beaty, MD, Atlanta, GA, Facial Plastic Surgery
William Beeson, MD, Carmel, IN, Facial Plastic Surgery
Danny Bermant, London, England, Industry
Brian Biesman, MD, Nashville, TN, Oculoplastic Surgery
Patrick Bitter, MD, Los Gatos, CA, Dermatology
Alan Brackup, MD, Langhorne, PA, Oculoplastic Surgery
Dominic Bray, MD, London, England, Facial Plastic Surgery
Lisa Bunin, MD, Allentown, PA, Oculoplastic Surgery
John Burroughs, MD, Colorado Springs, CO, Oculoplastic
Jordan Carqueville, MD, Chicago, IL, Dermatology
Gregory Chernoff, MD, Indianapolis, IN, Facial Plastic Surgery
Suneel Chilukuri, MD, Houston, TX, Dermatology
Annie Chiu, MD, Redondo Beach, CA, Dermatology
Ross Clevens, MD, Melbourne, FL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Jennifer Comeaux Bodin, Lafayette, LA, Industry
John Cook, MD, Chicago, IL, Plastic Surgery
Richard Davis, MD, Miramar, FL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Josh DeBlasio, Scottsdale, AZ, Industry
Roberta Del Campo, MD, Miami, FL, Dermatology
Barry DiBernardo, MD, Montclair, NJ, Plastic Surgery
Jeanna Doyle, LE, Frisco, TX, Industry
Chris DuMond, Orlando, FL, Industry
Diane Duncan, MD, Fort Collins, CO, Plastic Surgery
Steve Fallek, MD, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Plastic Surgery
Nabil Fanous, MD, Montreal, Canada, Facial Plastic Surgery
John Fezza, MD, Venice, FL, Oculoplastic Surgery
Danica Fiaschetti, LVN, Los Angeles, CA, Industry
Robert Fisher, JD, Dallas, TX, Industry
Patrick Flaharty, MD, Fort Myers, FL, Oculoplastic Surgery
Daniel Friedmann, MD, Austin, TX, Dermatology
Andres Gantous, MD, Ontario, Canada, Facial Plastic Surgery
Melissa Garcia, Stuart, FL, Industry
Kathy Gaughran, Irvine, CA, Industry
Anthony Geroulis, MD, Chicago, IL, Plastic Surgery
Michael Gold, MD, Nashville, TN, Dermatology
David Goldberg, MD, JD, New York, NY, Dermatology
Miguel Goncalves Ferreira, MD, Portugal, Facial Plastic Surgery
Neil Gordon, MD, Wilton, CT, Facial Plastic Surgery
Ryan Greene, MD, Weston, FL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Lisa Grunebaum, MD, Miami, FL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Lou Haggerty, Gardena, CA, Industry
Steven Hamilton, MD, Houston, TX, Plastic Surgery
Marcos Harel, MD, Tel Aviv, Israel, Plastic Surgery
Adam Haroun, Toronto, Canada, Industry
Morris Hartstein, MD, Tel Aviv, Israel, Oculoplastic Surgery

*Additional names will be added in the coming weeks

Brian Hayes, Boston, MA, Industry
Michelle Henry, MD, New York, NY, Dermatology
Jon Hoffenberg, Miami, FL, Industry
John Holds, MD,
St. Louis, MO, Oculoplastic Surgery
Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand, MD, Dallas, TX, Dermatology
Yula Indeyeva, MD, Gulf Shores, AL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Carolyn Jacob, MD, Chicago, IL, Dermatology
Andrew Jacono, MD, New York, NY Facial Plastic Surgery
John Joseph, MD, Beverly Hills, CA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Ajaipal Kang, MD, Pittsburg, PA, Plastic Surgery
Jonathan Kaplan, MD, Los Angeles, CA, Plastic Surgery
Lawrence Kass, MD, Tampa, FL, Oculoplastic Surgery
Bruce Katz, MD, New York, NY, Dermatology
Will Kirby, DO, Los Angeles, CA, Dermatology
Jack Kolenda, MD, Toronto, Canada, Facial Plastic Surgery
Chase Lay, MD, San Jose, CA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Deirdre Leake, MD, St. Augustine, FL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Wendy Lee, MD, Miami, FL, Oculoplastic Surgery
Melissa Levin, MD, New York, NY, Dermatology
April Linden, San Diego, CA, Industry
Kaeli Lindholm, Seal Beach, CA, Industry
Gary Linkov, MD, New York, NY, Facial Plastic Surgery
Shanice Linton, Atlanta, GA, Industry
Risa Luksa, Burbank, CA, Industry
Corey Maas, MD, San Francisco, CA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Barbara Machado, MD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Plastic Surgery
William Mack, MD, Tampa, FL, Oculoplastic Surgery
Catherine Maley, Sausalito, CA, Industry
Devinder Mangat, MD, Vail, CO, Facial Plastic Surgery
John Martin, MD, Coral Gables, FL, Oculoplastic Surgery
Guy Massry, MD, Beverly Hills, CA, Oculoplastic Surgery
E. Gaylon McCollough, MD, Gulf Shores, AL, Facial Plastic
Philip Miller, MD, New York, NY, Facial Plastic Surgery
Randy Miller, MD, Miami, FL, Plastic Surgery
Natasha Mohr, Omaha, NE, Industry
Jose Juan Montes Bracchini, MD, Mexico City, Facial Plastic
Amir Moradi, MD, San Diego, CA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Juli Moradi, San Diego, CA, Industry
Ron Moy, MD, Beverly Hills, CA, Dermatology
Gregory Mueller, MD, Beverly Hills, CA, Plastic Surgery
Mohsen Naraghi, MD, Tehran, Iran, Facial Plastic Surgery
Norman Pastorek, MD, New York, NY, Facial Plastic Surgery
Jose Patrocinio, MD, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Facial Plastic Surgery
Sean Paul, MD, Austin, TX, Oculoplastic Surgery
Pat Pazmino, MD, Miami, FL, Plastic Surgery
Steven Pearlman, MD, New York, NY, Facial Plastic Surgery
Sam Peek, Anaheim, CA, Industry
Stephen Perkins, MD, Indianapolis, IN, Facial Plastic Surgery
Debra Phairas, San Francisco, CA, Industry

Jason Pozner, MD, Boca Raton, FL, Plastic Surgery
Stephen Prendiville, MD, Fort Myers, FL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Rachel Pritzker, MD, Chicago, IL, Dermatology
J. Roberto Ramirez Gavidia, MD, Nashville, TN, Plastic Surgery
Brock Ridenour, MD, St. Louis, MO, Facial Plastic Surgery
Alexander Rivkin, MD, Beverly Hills, CA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Chris Robb, MD, Spring Hill, TN, Dermatology
Deanne Robinson, MD, Norwalk, CT, Dermatology
Sandy Roos, Prosper, TX, Industry
Terri Ross, Orlando, FL, Industry
Adam Rubinstein, MD, Miami, FL, Plastic Surgery
Mark Samaha, MD, Mont-Royal, Quebec, Facial Plastic Surgery
Jose Luis Sanjurjo, MD Mexico City, Mexico, Facial Plastic
Adam Schaffner, MD, New York, NY, Plastic Surgery
Adam Scheiner, MD, Tampa, FL, Oculoplastic Surgery
Todd Schlesinger, MD, Charleston, SC, Dermatology
Drew Schnitt, MD, Delray Beach, FL, Plastic Surgery
Jeff Segal, MD, JD, Chapel Hill, NC, Industry
Susan Shanelaris, Exeter, NH, Industry
Jay Shorr, Coral Springs, FL, Industry
Mara Shorr, Coral Springs, FL, Industry
Douglas Sidle, MD, Evanston, IL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Robyn Siperstein, MD, Miami, FL, Dermatology
Michael Somenek, MD, Washington, DC, Facial Plastic Surgery
Luis Soro, MD, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dermatology
Dori Soukup, Daytona Beach, FL, Industry
Candace Spann, MD, Las Vegas, NV, Dermatology
Jeffrey Spiegel, MD, Chestnut Hill, MA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Douglas Steinbrech, MD, New York, NY, Plastic Surgery
Angela Sturm, MD, Houston, TX, Facial Plastic Surgery
Sarmela Sunder, MD, Los Angeles, CA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Benjamin Talei, MD, Beverly Hills, CA, Facial Plastic Surgery
Amy Taub, MD, Lincolnshire, IL, Dermatology
Alex Thiersch, JD, Chicago, IL, Industry
Tunc Tiryaki, MD, Istanbul, Turkey, Plastic Surgery
Thomas Tzikas, Delray Beach, FL, Facial Plastic Surgery
Gie Vandehult, MD, Germany, Plastic Surgery
Tami Vileta, Seattle, WA, Industry
Jill Waibel, MD, Miami, FL, Dermatology
S. Randolph Waldman, MD, Lexington, KY, Facial Plastic Surgery
Lisa Marie Wark, MBA, Las Vegas, NV, Industry
Greg Washington, Gardena, CA, Industry
Ivan Wayne, MD, Oklahoma City, OK, Facial Plastic Surgery
Susan Weinkle, MD, Bradenton, FL, Dermatology
Eitam Weiss, MD, Tel Aviv, Israel, Plastic Surgery
Capi Wever, MD, Wassenaar, Netherlands, Facial Plastic Surgery
Edwin Williams, MD, Albany, NY, Facial Plastic Surgery
Yoram Wolf, MD, Tel Aviv, Israel, Plastic Surgery

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